Have we not all visited a City with a wish to explore it like a local, understand it like a Citizen and take back memories like an Explorer? And yet for some unforseen or unavoidable circumstances like Time, Age, Gender, Nature of Travel, Pre-conceived notions of the City, Weather, etc. we tend to remain in the comforts of the Hotel and vicinity trying to make sense of the City around us leaving us often disappointed.

We at Zamorin of Bombay, understand this feeling and strive to provide you with this authentic experience by connecting the local with the tourist through Cultural Discussions over Tea / Coffee! That's right, we will, at the comfort of your hotel or a local public area of mutual agreement, engage you with a knowledgeble local who will sit and discuss with you on varied topics of your choice that will help you understand the City and Country in terms of History, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Symbology, Geography and many more arenas. The whole aim is to help the client to gain a meaningful understanding of Mumbai and India as a destination. 

How does this Work?

  • Here the client contacts us and books a slot for discussion between 8am and 8pm. The same is done keeping in mind a 24-48 hour notice and availability of the local.
  • The local and the Tourist will meet at the Hotel or Public Place as mutually decided upon registration.
  • Discussions will begin in an infotainment and casual environment keeping in mind the ease of the client and sensitivity of the topics. Objective and open minded discussions that aim at understanding the Country will be encouraged. Discussions may also include topics that cross the International Boundaries of India keeping in mind its nature.
  • Quality and Valued discussions are assured and the Client has the full right to object, correct and debate a view point contrary to his. In this way there will be an exchange of knowledge.
  • The client is free to extend the discussion by an hour or more subject to the availability of the Local.
  • At the end of the discussion, the client will be dropped back to his/her Hotel or Residence if possible. 

This is a novel idea and is beneficial to both the local and the tourist who wishes to learn, understand and discuss quality ideas and dispel pre-conceived notions like why Indians shake their heads or why do we not reply to your emails! from a cultural perspective! 

Considering that this is a first of its kind in India's Financial Hub, come and take advantage of the knowledge that could change the way we look at our everyday lives.

The same can also be organized for Corporate Events, Trainings, Social Gatherings, Group Tours, etc.

Who is the Local?

The discussions will be conducted by and with Viren A. D'Sa. An enthusiast in History, Philosophy, Sociology and Culture, he has till recently, been the Manager for Cultural Relations and Experiences at the "Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai" wherein his role was aimed at enabling tourists to understand India and Mumbai as a destination. He is also a freelance Travel Journalist for the Mauritius Newspaper "This Week Mauritius"and has had many articles on travel and culture released in many a domestic and international periodicals. He even has his own channel on You Tube - "WHYWEDOWHATWEDO" that aims at breaking down cultural barriers such that acceptance super cedes tolerance. Viren is also conversant in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Terms and Conditions:

  • A 24 - 48 prior notice is required.
  • All discussions are in English unless requested, at the time of booking only, at an additional charge..
  • The cost is for everyone [All Passport holders] 
  • Meet at Hotel Restaurants or Public Cafes, Parks and Promenades only. No house visits unless pre approved.
  • The Cost will not include the tea/coffee/light refreshments.
  • The discussions are to be conducted between 8am and 8pm only and is open on all days.
  • As a special offer the first Half Hour from the proposed time of discussion will be deemed gratis and the charge will be calculated per hour after the first 30 mins.
  • The initial charge of the time slot chosen must be paid for at the start of the discussions to avoid unnecessary hassles. 
2 Hours Available on request

This Section is reserved for all tourists and locals who are interested in knowing more about Indian / Bombay History, general philosophy, religion, cultural behaviour, the LGBTQ Community and traditional practises or simply want to chat with a local on topics of their interest. We encourage open minded and  pragmatic discussions and we do not take sides but will simply help you understand the environment through discussions and a dash of fun.

We at Zamorin of Bombay, encourage you to come out and chat, a luxury often felt in this bustling city where people are becoming lonely even if in a crowd. We assure you that all discussions remain at the table itself and total anonymity and personal safety will be maintained during our casual chats so that you are both comfortable and we can be friends during the conversation. 

We encourage you to chat with us whether you are curious or disturbed, fascinated with our culture or want to enhance your business approach as we believe that Your perception is your reality. 

This coffee date that does not include the coffee!, is best for those who want to know more but are confined to a time slot because of age, health, business commitments, weather, attiitude and more.

Please send us an enquiry with your preferred dates, Time slots and venue [City limits only - surburbs till Andheri, are subject to availability] We prefer to have this at a cafe, public setting or hotel restaurants and lobbies only. Please have the time slots given during reasonable daytime hours upto 8pm only for approvals. The chat could go longer.