To enhance the awareness of our loved ones, of the world around us and to help them assimilate with the knowledge and existence of a diverse world; not to mention spark their learning curiosity of the world beyond their routines, we at Zamorin of Bombay have designed the below thematic calendar cum planners that :

  1. Promotes Knowledge beyond Cliches and Stereotypes
  2. Tasteful and blends with the house or office walls
  3. Educational for all ages and Inspires people to travel and thus promotes people to people contact.
  4. Efficient Planner with adequate spacing for the day's major highlights



Corporate and other Themes are available on Special Requests and at an additional charge

About the Calendars and How to make the Calendar your own?

  • Place an order with me for the calendar of your choice - the same will be printed in A3 size.
  • The same will be printed and delivered to you at the postal address given via India Post or other if specified.
  • Delivery is both in and outside India and the quantity is minimum ONE
  • Cost of Calendar including postage is INR 300/- within India and INR 600/- anywhere else in the world.
  • Customized and thematic calendars are also available on request but on an additional charge depending on the work involved.
  • Payments can be made in cash / bank cheques and demand drafts [in favour of Viren D'Sa] and foreign currency if applicable.
  • All calendars will be printed after the payment of the total charge is received by me.
  • You can also gift a calendar to a friend or loved one with special messages or pictures that will be displayed on the first page only.
  • All calendars will be printed in colour and are of the highest standards.
  • A draft will be sent to the client before print and delivery.
  • For corporates, we can also feature domestic and international destinations where the company has its offices present.
  • All calendars will feature the Zamorin of Bombay Logo. However, should you wish to replace the same with your company logo the same can be done for an additional INR 10,000/- per calendar i.e. you can buy the rights of the customized calendar only not the standard ones on sale.

Feel free to contact me on +91-9969312066 or and the calendars can be decked up on your walls sooner than you think....

So what are you waiting for?