Fun Facts Of Bombay

5 Rules that would make you a local in Bombay!!

  • If you want to survive in this City, all you need to have is the will to make money!
    No talent nor educational qualification - No Problem!

  • Do not follow Road Maps - They are an approximation.

  • Do not follow Road Names- Instead rely on Landmarks.

  • Traffic Signals are a suggestion in Mumbai - Here, often, Yellow means "Gut it faster".

  • Look both ways on an ONE WAY STREET - We are very practical by nature and often find it time saving!

Frequently Used Indian English Vocabulary

Indian English English
Mother Promise Promise
Rubber  Eraser
Cousin brother / Sister Cousin
Revert back Revert
Watch a picture Watch a Film
Film Camera / Movie Roll
Mention Not Don't Worry
Pass Out Graduate
Do the needful Please complete the given task 
Am doing my graduation Am pursuing my graduation course
Convent Educated High Class Education
Like anything Like anyone's business
A Matrimonial A wedding listing
Office Clerk Clerk
Class / Standard [School] Grade / Year
Mint Money Make money
To make a line To be cheesy with girls
Paste Toothpaste
Dirty Joke Sleazy Joke
Time Pass To while away time
Mugging To memorize
To shift To move
To Felicitate To Celebrate
Acting Pricey Showing Arrogance
Cheater - Cock Cheater
To have a doubt Do not understand the question
Saloon Hair Salon
First Class Awesome
Do one thing Take my advise
Out Station Out of town
Pre pone bring the date earlier
Like that only just like that
Foreign - Returned Lived abroad [used as a status symbol]
To eat my brain To frustrate me
To learn by heart To memorize
Tution Tutorial Classes
Footpath Pavement
Auto A tuk tuk
Horn A car beeper
A Bullet A Motor Cycle
Veg / Non Veg Diet Preferences
Rowdy Sheeter  A hardened criminal
Fortnightly Every 15 Days
To adjust to accommodate
Intimate To inform
A month back A month ago
Paining Hurting
Single Ticket One Way Ticket
Phonetically Written
English Hindi
Greetings Nehmastey
Good Morning Shubh Prabath
Good Evening Shubh Sandhya
Good Night Shubh Ratri
How are you? Aap Kaisey Ho?
I am fine Mein theek hoon
Great! Badiya!
Thank You Dhanyawad
I accept [Thank You] Shukriya
Thank You Very Much Bahut Dhanyawad / Bahut Shukriya
You are Welcome Koi baath nahi
Let's go Chalo
Stop Rukho
Go / Come Jao / Aao
Yes / No Haa / Nahi
That’s enough bas karo
Please Kripiya
Good Bye Tata / Alvida
See you soon Phir milengay
Sorry Maaf Karo
How Much? Kitna hai?
Water  Pani
One more Ke Aur
One Ek
Two Doh
Three Teen
Four Char
Five Paanch
Six Chey
Seven Sath
Eight Aat
Nine Nau
Ten Thus
Twenty Bees
Twenty - one Ek Bees
Twenty - two Baa Bees
Twenty - three They Bees
Thirty Thees
Forty Chalees
Fifty pachas
Sixty Saat
Seventy sattar
Eighty assi
Ninety nabbey
One Hundred sau
One Thousand hazaar







































Dignitaries that Explored Bombay with the Zamorin

Sample Photo

Feredoun Ala -  founder of the Iranian National Blood Transfusion Service (INBTS) and son of the late Hossein Ala who was twelve years as Minister of the Imperial Court to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and was twice appointed Prime Minister.

Sample Photo

Jonas Burgert - is an artist based in Berlin. ​​​Burgert works in antithesis to the concept of reductionism that is so commonly employed in contemporary art, choosing instead to re-assert an excess of what he terms “painterly means”. His paintings are vibrant, colourful, brimming over with symbols, iconography, and a wealth of detail.

Sample Photo

H.E. Hamza Yahia-Cherif -
​ Ambassador of Algeria to India














Sample Photo

NBA Basketball player Kenneth Faried

Sample Photo

US Consul General H.E. Thomas Vajda, family and Consulate Staff in Mumbai

Sample Photo

Ms. Edwina Grodzinski and family - Close relatives of Sir Jacob Sassoon








Sample Photo

Ms. Monika Maria Conti - Movie Actress [Germany]